Swarovski Crystal Rocking Horse Happy Holidays Figurine

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From Swarovski, this figurine features:

A rocking horse is a child’s toy, usually shaped like a horse and mounted on rockers similar to a rocking chair. Predecessors of the rocking horse may be seen in the rocking cradle, the tilting seats used during the Middle Ages for jousting practice as well as the wheeled hobby horse. From the 19th century onward, rocking horses became more commonly considered as child’s toy. Mostly built by hobby woodcrafters, and ranging from relatively crude to finely ornamented and the toys of future kings, it was not until the late 19th century that the production became industrialized.

  • Colors: Crystal, Light Siam, Fern Green, Crystal with Golden Shadow effect, Jet
  • Brilliantly 322 facets
  • Makes a great gift  
  • When standing on a flat surface, the arched bases allow for a rocking movement
  • Comes in an unique triangular box
  • Decoration object
  • Not a toy
  • Not suitable for children under 15
  • Designer Elke Huber
  • Approx. 2.125 x 1.75 x 0.5″
  • Wipe clean

DMS: 0715 786 5544529

Swarovski Crystal Rocking Horse Happy Holidays Figurine

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